Player Meeting Wednesday, September 4

Just a reminder that our player meeting is this Wednesday, September 4th. To help with rides and working around potential conflicts, girls can attend either a morning or after school meeting. Each meeting won't take more the 20-25 minutes. The morning meeting will start at 8:30 am and be done before the 5 minute bell for 1st period. After school we will start at 4:35 pm and be done by 5 pm.

If you cannot attend either meeting and you are an Anderson student, stop by during lunch, before, or after school on Thursday or Friday. For the McCallum girls, I will be at the field 20-30 minutes before Sunday's practice to go through the binder of player expectations.

Girls, please bring your paper copies of registration materials to my room sometime this week, during the meeting, or before Sunday's kickoff clinic/practice. I need to have those before you can participate. If you're not attending this Sunday, I need your paperwork before your first date of participation.

This Sunday's practice will start right at 1 pm on the Anderson turf. Please make sure you are ready to start promptly, not putting on shoes at 1 pm. If you're coming late from church or another place, please let me know. Practice will end at 3pm (there is box lax for many of the girls and I want to make sure they have time to eat and rest before heading to their games).

And as a reminder, please make sure to register and order your practice gear if you haven’t done so already. Even if you cannot play early this fall due to other sports we will be practicing until the December tryouts so would be great for you to join us when you can and have all your practice gear ordered:

Coach Ross

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Allison Small